“Fitness North was a Fabulous experience! Beautiful Setting, Wonderful Accommodations, Exceptional Trainers, Delicious Food. Very Well Rounded. Informational Education on Nutrition. A “TOTAL” Package! Thank You Again for the Awesome Experience!!”

~Janet E.

“My blood sugar was 242 the morning of July 27 on Day 1 of Fitness North right after the first morning pool workout. Today after working out I had a heck of a time getting it back over 90. Might be time to ditch the diabetes medication!!”

~Brad H.

“Thank you so much for the great week at Fitness North!! We learned so much and were truly inspired!! We loved the beautiful scenery, the delicious food and all the laughs. Brad and I have been super busy getting our kitchen ready for better eating and our daughter Miranda has been right there with us helping out and embracing all the food we make. Brad and I both are feeling the huge burst of energy and love how good we feel!! Sorry this e-mail is a little late coming we had life kind of smack us in the face right away when we got home but we persevered. I am super happy to hear you say that there may be a retreat in the future geared toward young women and even young men!! I have a college age daughter who I think would benefit immensely from learning how to have positive self-talk, find her passion, enjoy the life she seeks to have, along with learning how good nutrition and exercise supports all those things. I think it is something that is lacking in our youth. I really want to have both my young daughters experience Fitness North. Thank you so much Rena for all your knowledge and hard work!! Your passion is clear and thanks for paying it forward to us!”

~Jody H.

“We made a 12 week goal at the retreat. My goal was so that I could sit down and see the waistband on my jeans. Interestingly enough the jeans I wanted to see the waistband on are so big I can’t wear them anymore!! A couple other comments about the detox we did. Before the detox I could not stand mushrooms now I eat them like candy. And, I still have a piece of cake left from my birthday! I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the time you spent with us at the retreat.”

~Kathy T.

“I’m a 57 year old, habitually overweight guy. Served 20 years in the USAF where I had to stay within weight restrictions and sometime failed even those incentives. Once I retired I let myself go, exercised less and ate more, constantly trying different fad diets to no avail. I finally got up to 285lbs at 6ft tall. Way overweight, and Oh, did I mention I had a Heart Attack at 53? Cardiologist and all the other docs said I had to quit eating Ribs every week… So I did change my habits some, but still kept bouncing back up to 285lbs. Then one day (Christmas 2013 I think) my wife got me a fitness tracker so I could see how little I was really exercising… and I upped my walking and exercising game a bit, and started coming down. Until the fall of 2014 when I hit the 260lb WALL, I just couldn’t get below 260lbs and would bounce up in weight. Then (a year later fighting that 260lb wall) I found Fitness North on the web, contacted Rena and scheduled myself in a for a Fitness North week, the summer 2015 August class. I think I arrived at 266lbs on a Sunday night. I left 7.5lbs lighter that Friday and have continued to drop down since. I’m eating great, learned many new healthy, filling recipes, was encouraged to exercise more and more correctly, and have lost over 18lbs in the last two months! If you’re like me (and many others) and haven’t found the way for you to lose weight and feel healthy, you need to give Fitness North a chance.”

~David G.

“If you’re questioning if you should do it.. Go for it! It was an amazing week! I even had injuries to work around and they did a wonderful, caring job with my needs.”

~Cyndi K.

“I really did enjoy my time at Fitness North. I can’t stop thinking how I wish I was still there. Meeting Rena and Rachel, who I both adore, and the others, just made the trip so much better. I have made some amazing memories and as I have told my family, I will be participating in more.I decided that I would continue the detox until this weekend and see from there if I want to continue, but I feel as if the type of natural eating is great for me. I love learning about this stuff and both my sister and I have shared the ideas with my mom and sister. We were pretty excited when we got home.”

~Kristin K.

“I am a fifteen year old who has struggled with my weight ever since I hit puberty. When my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Fitness North this summer for a week to learn about eating healthy and getting in some activity (at my own level), I reluctantly agreed. Once I got there I immediately felt at ease. I quickly made friends with the other guests. I felt motivated and up for the challenge. And, truthfully, it was challenging! Going through the detox wasn’t easy but once I got through the hard part I couldn’t believe how much energy I had. I lost 5 pounds and 5.25 inches in 5 days. I still continue to exercise and I’m eating much better too! Fitness North really helped me get on track. Since I left Fitness North in August I’ve lost an additional 8 pounds on my own and it’s only been 8 weeks. I pound a week is great because I know I will keep it off!”

~Rachel K.

“I really enjoyed my time at Fitness North! I got to spend time along the north shore, make new friends, spend time around a campfire AND lose weight while gaining the tools to change my life for the better! I will definitely go back next year!”

~Mary J.

“Rena’s Fitness North Retreat in September was a must do for me after trying everything else. I was pushed to my physical limits and more. The hands on cooking and ongoing nutritional education was a great way to learn and enforce habits. The basis of it all, the behavior modification taught so passionately by Rena was not only touching but very motivating. And in addition the added support and camaraderie of fellow participants was the best. Their drive, persistence and encouragement was awesome. This program was top of the line!”

~Pam R.

“I love going to Fitness North. For me, it’s a personal retreat where there is no job, husband, kids, grandkids, etc. to demand my attention. It’s a time for myself to enjoy the beauty of nature in the state parks along with focusing on my own health instead of worrying about everyone else. I always feel energized after leaving Fitness North.”

~Deb F.

“An awesome experience to balance your physical and emotional health and reboot your way of thinking towards nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health.”

~Anonymous through our Survey Monkey

“Great experience!”

~Anonymous through our Survey Monkey

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