Lifestyle & Behavior Change

Creating a healthy lifestyle through behavior change is the most important piece to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and living vital! Fitness North offers top of the line education to make this, sometimes seemingly impossible task, possible! With our help, you will be on the way to vitality!

I have to admit this is my favorite part of the program, not because exercise, nutrition, and the rest of the experience isn’t important, it is. But because I believe that this is the “KEY” to success for long term weight loss, health, as well as every other aspect of your life!

In this outstanding course we cover so much more than goal setting, journaling, and small obtainable behavior change. We get down deep in your heart and soul! We discuss your mind set and how to change or challenge it, we discuss your strengths, your passion & purpose, and many other strategies for success. This part of the program is engaging and extremely successful! I have seen marked improvements in the people I work with around self-worth, motivation, and attitude.

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