Theresa Helfer

Masters in Dietetics, Registered Dietitian & Culinary Chef

theresa-helferAfter watching my mother prepare vegetable laden dinners from scratch for the family for years, I started chipping. By 7th grade, I was cooking for the family a few times per week. Every week, I anticipated the contents of the CSA box and the harvest from the family garden and find creative ways to cook the array of produce. This passion for food preparation led to an awareness of how whole foods affect health and vitality and took me to the University of Minnesota to study nutrition.

After 4 years of studying macro and micro nutrients, calories and biochemistry, I yearned for a more hands on approach to help clients relate to the food recommendations. I then enrolled in the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts chef training program in New York City. This incredible experience not only expanded my knowledge of food preparation but also expanded my expertise in therapeutic uses of foods and spices.

After working in restaurants for a couple of years, my passion for food and healing led me to Bastyr University where I received my masters in dietetics. The completion of this program provided a well balanced approach to wellness and disease to help clients connect with food in a new way that will optimize health, yet be sustainable for individual lifestyles.

Lab interpretations, lifestyle and supplement recommendations as well as moral support for my clients are all part of a well-rounded approach to either stay healthy or to get back on the right road to health that complements individual needs.

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