It isn't a workout.  It isn't a diet.  Because a healthy tomorrow begins with the choices you make today, it's life.

At Fitness North, our live-in weight loss and fitness program, we believe that sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle require more than small shifts in eating and exercise.  It takes commitment and courage. A willingness to change habits and break free from worn out beliefs.  A desire to learn new ways of approaching exercise and nutrition.  An awareness that transforming your body and mind begins with the commitment to transform your life...starting today.

From the moment you arrive at our beautiful Weight Loss Retreat, you’ll know that it is unlike any other.  Fitness North guests experience a full range of indoor and outdoor fitness classes led by top-notch certified personal trainers, breathtaking hikes along Minnesota’s North Shore, portion-controlled meals and snacks, and nutrition and lifestyle education, all while staying in luxurious accommodations located on the water’s edge of the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior.

Our program has proven to be 100% effective in helping our guests lose more weight, more fat, and more inches than programs they have tried in the past.  Our weight loss method actually resets your metabolism. Not only can you lose weight, fat and inches faster and easier than ever before, you can actually keep it off. 

 Experience our all inclusive live-in weight loss and fitness program today.