Why Fitness North?

Are you serious about creating a healthier lifestyle? Have you had enough of your low energy level and even lower desire to participate in the active lifestyle you once enjoyed or ever wanted to enjoy? Do you feel that if you had a better understanding of nutrition you would be more successful?

Stop feeling tired all of the time! Start taking control of your life! We are here to help!

Fitness North provides the tools necessary to create and maintain lasting behaviors. Through proven Strategies for Success you will start to feel better and you will be capable of achieving your goals.

Why Fitness North? - Because Tomorrow, Starts Today!


Vital to both initiating and sustaining weight loss, daily exercise is essential for a healthy happy life! Hikes and professionally structured workouts to focus on strength, flexibility, cardio, balance and core are a key component to the Fitness North program.


Nutrition is an essential element for healthy, sustainable weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. While at Fitness North, you will learn how to grocery shop and prepare healthy meals, to make sure that you’re meeting the nutritional requirements for the right amount of carbohydrates, healthy fat, and protein.


Creating a healthy lifestyle through behavior change is the most important piece to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and living vital! Fitness North offers top of the line education to make this, sometimes seemingly impossible task, possible! With our help, you will be on the way to vitality!